How Much Weight Can A Standard Tonneau Cover Hold?


Fall is here, and we want to help Breckenridge Rental Places residents prepare. Please take precautions as we have a great deal of trees in this area and leaves are starting to fall. These leaves can damage your vehicle if you don’t clean them off promptly.

If you have a pickup truck, and you would like to add a tonneau cover, this is something that you should do for a couple of reasons. First of all, they are very stylish, come in many different colors, and can provide shelter for anything that you are transporting in the back. They are cost effective, depending upon the style that you get and how solid the actual cover is. They do a great job of concealing any cargo that you are carrying, and once the cover is pulled out, it will prevent the sun from affecting, or even ruining, perishable items in the back. A question that many people have is how much weight can a standard tonneau cover hold, the focus of this article.

What Is A Tonneau Cover?

The origins of the tonneau begin with vehicles that had rear passenger seats which needed to be covered, such as on a convertible. They were originally made to rollup, although other models also could fold back, allowing people to sit in the back seats. They initially had rear facing hinged doors, but once dual doors were introduced, they changed the format to be more accommodating. You can also see these you can also see these on racecars, and as we are mentioning here on pickup trucks, each serving a completely different purpose.

Why Would You Need One?

It is quite obvious why you would need this on a convertible. If it starts to rain, you will want to pull the tonneau up so that everyone can stay dry. They can also be used to simply cover the back seat while you are driving, something that is very beneficial if you are taking groceries from the store, or if you are carrying luggage going to a destination. This is commonly seen on sports cars where it is more common to have the top down than full up. On the other hand, they are used for trucks for both show and practical reasons, and if you ever do have yours pulled out into place, you might wonder how much weight it could support.

How Much Weight Can A Standard Tonneau Cover Hold?

Although it is never recommended for anyone to stand on one of these covers because they are not made to hold weight, a small child could likely run across the top without any problems. We recommend the Bakflip G2 cover as we’ve installed these on a few of our own vehicles a few years ago. The purpose of these covers is to protect what is in the bed of the truck, and also to improve its overall appearance. If it is damaged in any way, you will have to replace it as they cannot be repaired conveniently.

Whether you drive a utility truck for work, or a customized pickup truck, you can get one of the rollup tonneaus made of vinyl or cloth. They do have a rib like structure to keep everything taut, plus a snap based system for making sure that it does not fly up. For those that have retractable units, these are much more convenient, and can be made of aluminum, plastic or vinyl. They are much more secure than the standard rollup versions, and there are also fiberglass models which will cover the bed of the truck from end to end, improving its overall appearance. In conclusion, you should never stand on any of these, even if they are made of fiberglass or aluminum, because they are designed for a purpose which does not include supporting a human being or any type of heavy material on top. You can talk with the company that sold it to you about your exact tonneau, but in most cases, they will always recommend placing things underneath the tonneau which is not designed to support heavy objects.

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